What I Ate Wednesday | Daily Weight Loss Diet Plan

I always enjoy seeing what other people eat in a typical day. It’s always fun getting new ideas for healthy eating, especially if you’re stuck in a rut and need some food inspiration. I can’t promise you my day will be inspirational, but maybe it will give you some ideas. Maybe I can have an awesome day next week to share with you?!

I’m linking up this week with Peas And Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). This is my first time, and I’m happy to share with you what I eat on a typical day..

Breakfast: A regular around here is a piece of Ezekiel Toast, Barney’s Almond Butter, and Half a Banana (I slice the other have and keep in a ziplock baggy in the freezer for smoothies) + COFFEE (with a little bit of Califia Farms Pecan Caramel Almond Milk Creamer)

Snack: I usually do some type of post workout smoothie/shake in the AM. (Like this Strawberries & Cream Protein Smoothie– YUM)

Lunch: It depends on if I’m at home or if I’m out. If I eat out, it typically looks like this- steak salad with a cup of veggie soup from SaladWorks (if you have one near you, seriously check it out- SO good!). I pass on the roll they offer with the meal because it’s SO good, and I just don’t need the extra calories or bread, kwim?

If I’m out I might run by Dunkin Donuts and grab an iced coffee…because it’s 99 cents for any size iced coffee since I bought this cup… I have a thing for their dark roast. YUM!

Snack: Sometimes I will grab an apple and a handful of almonds. Sometimes it will be Greek yogurt (I LOVE this Strawberry & Banana Chobani Greek Yogurt!)

Dinner: This is what we had last night- Grilled Chicken, Brown Rice & Quinoa, Broccoli + Trader Joe’s Sirach BBQ Sauce (that stuff is SO good)

PM Snack– this is what kills me when my husband goes grocery shopping. I will definitely snack at night (and he tends to be the one to tempt me with junky food in the evening..)  I prefer to have a bit of cottage cheese with a spoonful of strawberry jelly.

I also drink a ton of water throughout the day, and when I workout I always have some NUUN in my water bottle. ALWAYS.

I won’t lie, I am trying to get off diet coke. I drink those more often then I’d like to admit, and I know they are HORRIBLE for you!

For more ideas, use this diet plan from leanrunnerbean. It gives you a free week of meal plans/snacks and has some great healthy eating tips, too!